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Most recruiters take six seconds or less to check your resume and decide if it deserves another look, not to mention that they discard the vast majority through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). In other words, you need to surpass most applicants and systems out there in a matter of seconds.

Your resume needs to demonstrate all your capacities in a flash. This single paper must comprise your talent, experience, and potential in a stunning layout. Creating such a paper is a challenge, and here’s where having the best CV builder is invaluable.

Advantages of Using the CV Maker of Resumedone

On average, a recruiter reviews around +250 resumes per job opening, according to Glassdoor. That means that your CV must shine amid a big pile of applications.

Creating that impressive resume from scratch is a big deal, especially during a job search. The white document, formatting rules, font sizes, and the time you need to invest are discouraging. However, this task doesn’t have to be so confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming.


Resumedone provides you with the best CV builder to minimize your efforts and time investment and multiply your chances to get your dream job.

But what makes it the best?

With this online CV maker, you can:

  • Get an easy-to-use format to have your resume ready in 12 minutes or less
  • Create a professional resume even without experience
  • Forget about fighting against the editor
  • Choose from a vast repertoire of templates, customizable for every career
  • Personalize the format and layout as you prefer
  • Download your resume in different formats (DOC, PDF, TXT...)
  • Accelerate your job hunt

By using this generator, you can showcase your most relevant work history and abilities in no time, all in a one-of-a-kind layout tailor-made for your dream job. In addition, you don’t need to be an expert or a graphic designer to craft a powerful CV orresume. And as your document doesn’t have to be an impossible puzzle, we have made the instructions as clear as crystal. The CV builder will walk you through the entire process.

Our Designs Will Help You Beat the Applicant Tracking System

Before even getting the recruiter’s look, your CV or resume needs to get by the ATS. This digital tool is specially designed to read through hundreds of resumes and judge them for their keywords. The more keywords you naturally add to your document, the more opportunitiesyou get during your job search. The easiest way to include those keywords is by having the best format along with pre-written templates. On the one hand, the format will help you highlight your job titles, education, skills, and achievements accordingly. On the other hand, the pre-written samples will help you describe every section masterfully. Our digital resume generator will take the heavy lifting. We take care of formatting. Just fill in the blanks and focus on proving why you’re the best candidate for the job.

A Customized CV is Key to Get Your Dream Job

Hiring managers read CVs over and over, but there’s something that attracts their attention and gets you better chances from the first seconds:


As recruiters have to deal with hundreds of repetitive formats, they pay much more attention to an original presentation. And this is your first opportunity to stand out from most candidates.

As a job seeker, you should customize your application according to every single company. At thesame time, you have to boost your CV with colors, keywords, personality, and uniqueness.

That’s how you make an excellent introduction. That’s how you make a memorable first impression that leaves behind the other applicants. And that’s why having the best CV builder is so critical.

Because our software provides you with the tools to make all of this by yourself.

The CV Builder Has a Template for Every Career

A theatrical resume is not the same as a scientific nor a medical CV. Every career has different standards for the recruitment process. As a result, your structure, format, and layout must be compatible with both the job opening and your professional profile.

Through our CV maker, you can choose from specific designs for dozens of careers, including medical, technical, managerial, educational, and creative professions, among others.

You won’t have to scroll through hundreds of templates unfruitfully. Simply select the pre-written sample for your profession to get an up-to-date design for your application.

On top of that, you can personalize and optimize an already existing template at will, even without designing nor formatting skills.

Most applicants may spend hours on this task, but you don’t have to.

Dedicate that time to getting the job you deserve.

The Best Ally for the Job Search

The resume maker is for every job seeker, including the professional, the freelancer, the student, and the entry-level applicant. In short, for everyone looking to develop their professional career. G –j

Now, let’s summarize the main advantages in a nutshell:

  • The builder will show you how to write every segment step by step.

  • Our online resume builder will help you create an elegant and effective paper to pass the ATS at once and catch the recruiter’s eye. This way, putting yourself a step closer to that job interview and that dream job.

  • Your application will be unique of its kind. Don’t worry about generic designs or lookalikes. You can customize your template as you please and Illustrate your work experience, personality, skills, and potential.

  • You will skyrocket your opportunities in every procurement process, regardless of your industry or competition.

Build Your Future with the Best CV Builder

Resumedone offers you the best CV builder by three different subscription plans:

  • Starter: 14 days of basic access, including multiple template options and infinite resumes at your disposal. Available for $1.45 then $29.99/mo.

  • Most Selected: 14 days of prime access, including a spell checker plus all the templates on the repertoire. Available for $1.95 then $29.99/mo.

  • Advanced: monthly save option with all the benefits. Available for $9.99 then $89.99 per year

Select the plan that fits you best and demonstrate to hiring managers that you have what it takes.

Subscribe to our CV builder and tailor the most professional, well-customized resume to surpass the ATS, outshine other candidates, get more interviews, and land the position you long for.